EDX Technologies

Create, Integrate, Distribute, and Interact with AR/VR Content

What we do

EDX Technologies provides comprehensive, flexible software and services, customized for (and easily integrated with) 3rd party solutions that enable organizations to take advantage of the new opportunities inherent in augmented and virtual reality technologies. We have automated software end-to-end, providing a turn-key solution for converting any data into AR/VR content. Our unique visualization and real-time collaborative solutions enable improved decision-making, first response reaction, and real-time collaboration for businesses and government.

What we offer

EDX Technologies offers ACX™, our Augmented Content Exchange. ACX combines a cloud-based or self-hosted AR/VR content manager and exchange solution for staging, hosting, managing, and publishing augmented content on a global scale with platform-independent client software for consuming it. Our solutions enable powerful, device-independent visualization of data in a mixed reality format that enhances or surpasses the capabilities of traditional reporting or real-time collaboration platforms.

ACX leverages a persistent, sharable 3D virtual model of the real world to stage and manage AR/VR content, so you can be confident in the position, look, and feel of your end-user experience before distributing it.

Our device and operating system independent approach means clients can access and consume augmented content from nearly any device, ranging from desktops, smartphones and tablets, to head mounted displays.

Sample Applications

Mobile Workforce AR

For mobile workers such as utility technicians, we provide 3D, first-person display of equipment, current status of assets, maintenance details, task assignments, and other critical information as augmented reality content. AR information overlays provide field technicians with immediate information on their surroundings and a convenient collaborative interface for modifying/updating asset information.

Collaborative Workforce Management and Remote Assistance

We enable field technicians and office supervisors to collaborate and troubleshoot in real-time via remote assistance. All aspects of an ongoing operation can be shared between field and office within a persistent shared 3D virtual model. All relevant information is combined into the interactive 3D virtual model, allowing decision makers the ability to put incoming real-time information into a single, continuous context and relay instructions to field personnel.

Wireless Insights, Seeing the Invisible

For wireless engineers and systems integrators, ACX provides 3D visualizations and reporting of the network, simulated, measured, and monitored performance, equipment placement and current status, maintenance details, and other critical information. AR overlay enables field technicians and design engineers to collaborate and troubleshoot in real-time. Technicians in the field can quickly and easily see current network performance by simply looking around, while the ACX VR console allows for full sharing and collaboration with personnel back in the office.

Next Generation Command and Control

For public safety, military, and defense, the ACX command center enables centralized command and control to integrate all aspects of an ongoing operation within a persistent shared 3D virtual model. Any aspect can be delivered as augmented or mixed reality content. All relevant information is combined into the interactive 3D virtual model, allowing decision makers the ability to put all incoming information into a single, continuous, evolving context. Users can easily see from the point-of-view of field operations, providing visualizations from wearable, vehicular, drone, and municipal cameras overlaid with enhanced AR/VR content.

Augmented Content Exchange

Our patented and patent-pending cloud-based augmented content exchange solution enables near real-time distribution of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality content on a global scale, with the confidence that all data is positioned and staged accurately within a persistent, sharable 3D virtual model of the world.