EDX Technologies, Inc.

At EDX Technologies, we enable and accelerate B2B adoption of Augmented Reality. We accomplish this by providing comprehensive, flexible software and services, customized for (and easily integrated with) 3rd party solutions that enable organizations to take advantage of the new opportunities inherent in augmented and virtual reality technologies. We have automated software end-to-end, providing a turn-key solution for converting any data into AR/VR content. Our unique visualization and real-time collaborative solutions enable improved decision-making, first response reaction, and real-time collaboration for businesses and government.

Our History

EDX Technologies was founded in 2017 as a spin out from EDX Wireless, Inc., where the original augmented and virtual reality visualization technology was developed. The technology held such promise that the EDX Wireless Board of Directors elected to establish a wholly separate company to further commercialize it. Dr. Roger Skidmore, originator of the technology while CEO of EDX Wireless, was named CEO of EDX Technologies at launch. Since then, EDX Technologies, Inc. has focused on making outdoor and indoor augmented reality content easy for businesses to leverage. We want to empower spreadsheets and databases in whole new ways through distributable, consumable, interactive augmented reality. With our solutions, there is no need to be an AR/MR specialist, software developer, or 3D game maker to maximize the potential of your data. Our historical roots are in the creation of software for the wireless communications and public safety markets, but looking back, nearly all of our work has been focused on one thing: visualizing data in unique ways that enable companies to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and engage with their customers in whole new ways. EDX Technologies simply builds on that experience and takes it to a whole new and exciting level!