Overview & Benefits

EDX Technologies provides comprehensive, flexible software and services, customized for (and easily integrated with) 3rd party solutions that enable organizations to take advantage of the new opportunities inherent in augmented and virtual reality technologies. We have automated software end-to-end, providing a turn-key solution for converting any data into AR/VR content.

Safety, Productivity
Field workers can instantly see information about the environment they enter. Whether it be a previous worker's note about a dangerous dog at a house, or power traces of what homes are served by which utility component, this is just one example of how AR can improve worker safety and productivity.
Reporting, What-if Analysis
Traditional reports sometimes lack full context and can be expensive to create. To help facilitate the use of augmented reality to enhance reporting, EDX Technologies developed RSnaps™, a new way to share and record real-world views that are location and AR content aware. RSnaps allow any picture or video to be converted into a living augmented reality document, providing for novel and powerful reporting capabilities that surpass traditional methods.
Centralized Control
Our desktop Console Solution brings the full suite of our technology together, enabling centralized operational command to not only see from the points-of-view of infield operators, but combine that data with all other operational information in the context of a combined 3D virtual model. This allows command and control to assess, direct, collaborate, and distribute content that brings operations to a safe and rapid resolution.
Remote Assist, Reduced Costs
Field workers and office supervisors can 'see what other field workers see,' enabling real-time troubleshooting and reduced costs with fewer truck rolls. All aspects of an ongoing operation can be shared between the field and office. Relevant information is combined into an interactive incident model, allowing decision makers and field crew shared, continuous context and the ability to relay instructions and visuals back and forth.
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