Privacy Policy

Any information submitted through a form on this website will pass through various internet servers, most of which are 3rd party and not affiliated with EDX Technologies or its business. The contents of information submitted may not be encrypted or securely stored, and it is unknown who within or if those 3rd parties are able to or will access any information submitted. It is also unknown whether information will be permanently stored on any 3rd party system.

EDX Technologies receives and stores information submitted to us through its website or email address, including but not limited to, notifications from form submissions that arrive to EDX Technologies by 3rd party messaging services. EDX Technologies uses and retains the information for purposes of anaylzing and responding to prospective customer interest and/or responding to current or prospective customer inqueries. Information submitted may be retained for the useful life of our company, except where we are legally obligated not to do so, and we may contact you in the future for purposes of marketing our products and services, and following up directly with sales or other inqueries. We welcome anyone to contact us to request that any personal information about them be permanently removed from our systems, but know that we can not be held responsible nor will we attempt to ensure any personal data is removed from 3rd party systems that are beyond our control. In case of a request to permanently delete data, we will make a resonable attempt to only retain someone's information if we are (a) legally required to do so, or (b) must retain the information for purposes that support our ongoing business operations such as any past, present, or known future business purpose that may require us to retain the submitted inforation (e.g. we may retain name, email address, and other contact information related to an account receivable due in support of ongoing business operations, or information that may be advised by our legal counsel to retain in support of litigation or potential litigation matters).

When not legally restricted from doing so, EDX Technologies shares information it receives internally with employees, contractors, and others for business operations purposes. We don't sell or license personally identifiable data collected through this website to 3rd parties unless it is part of a broader business transaction of company assets (e.g. in case of acquistion, merger, or sale of the business or sale of substaintial business assets).