Products & Services

Our technology is built to integrate into existing solutions, but also runs standalone off-the-shelf-ready. We license/OEM our technology and products but also do direct integrations for our clients as well as paid service engagements. To find out where to buy, discuss licensing opportunities, or for direct purchases, contact us here.

Mobile Workforce AR
Product: iOS, Android, Hololens, Realwear, UWP
For mobile workers such as utility technicians, we provide 3D, first-person display of equipment, current status of assets, maintenance details, task assignments, and other critical information as augmented reality content. AR information overlays provide field technicians with immediate information on their surroundings and a convenient collaborative interface for modifying/updating asset information.
Augmented Content Exchange
Product: Windows, OSX, Linux | SaaS or Self-hosted
Our patented and patent-pending cloud-based augmented content exchange solution enables near real-time distribution of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality content on a global scale, with the confidence that all data is positioned and staged accurately within a persistent, sharable 3D virtual model of the world.
Report Capture
Product Module: Desktop & Mobile
Traditional reports sometimes lack full context and can be expensive to create. To help facilitate the use of augmented reality to enhance reporting, EDX Technologies developed RSnaps™, a new way to share and record real-world views that are location and AR content aware. RSnaps allow any picture or video to be converted into a living augmented reality document, providing for novel and powerful reporting capabilities that surpass traditional methods.
Remote Assist
Product Module: Desktop & Mobile
Field workers and office supervisors can 'see what other field workers see,' enabling real-time troubleshooting and reduced costs with fewer truck rolls. All aspects of an ongoing operation can be shared between the field and office. Relevant information is combined into an interactive incident model, allowing decision makers and field crew shared, continuous context and the ability to relay instructions and visuals back and forth.
VR/AR Content Creation
At EDXT Technologies, we specialize in content creation, visualization, and distribution. We provide a variety of services related to turning any content or model into Augmented or Virtual Reality content. Have a CAD file of a yet-to-be-built office building or trade-show booth? Want to show your customer what the new bridge will look like while standing underneath? We can turn your content into a table-top and lifesize AR/VR model with teleportation capabilities. That's right, the future is here!
3D Asset Tracker
Existing asset tracking solutions suffer from the same problem: no 3D awareness of asset locations relative to physical suroundings and other assets. Imagine being able to see what direction public safety officers are facing, or locate infrastucture assests hidden behind a building or a mountain, or even see through fog. Our 3D Asset Tracker solution can standalone, but it was also built to compliment existing asset tracking solutions by bringing a new dimension that improves location finding, decision making, and asset or incident response coordination.
EDXT provides high-resolution frequently-updated digital earth models and additional data-overlay information for anywhere in the world. Content subsciptions are available pay-as-you-go, month-to-month, or for point-in-time purchase. Sample available content includes, but is not limited to, terrain/clutter information, fully rendered 3D building and landscapes, weather information, crime statistics, and more.